Monday, 3 May 2010

Vote for change. Vote for Nancy.

As phase one of my quest for infamy I have spent much of the bank holiday weekend pressing the flesh in Harpenden. Tiring, yes. Cold and sometimes wet, yes again. But I'm confident that I've been on more doorsteps and met more 'real people' than either Bella, the tortoishell from next door, or the large ginger tom with the attitude who sprays all the gardens in my street.

Focus groups tell me that the Marquis Lane / Crabtree Lane areas are predominantly safe seats of Nancy-supporters, however the area to the west of Station Road is looking dangerously marginal.

So off I headed on Sunday in the direction of Sir John Lawes school, to meet some of the floaters.

It was not until I reached West Way that I could get a punter to invite me in, and even then she was reluctant, leaving me waiting on her doorstep for a good 20 minutes before finally opening up. Of course my charm offensive worked its usual magic and by the time I hit her with my proposed Working Cats Credit she was eating out of my paw.

Friends, there is much work still to be done, many people still to meet. But with your support I know that universal Nancy-awareness (in Harpenden North) is achievable!

Don't be fooled by the other cats. They're all style over substance.

Use your vote wisely - vote Nancy!


  1. You've got mt vote Nancy.Am from St Albans so does that count? Who cares Nancy to win!!

  2. Every vote counts Kakashia! Thanks for your support. You should join my Facebook crew. Look me up: Nan CeeTee (it's my celebrity name - I'm trialling it at the moment!)