Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This is what Spring's all about

Sunday afternoons in the park - can't beat it. Found loads of little people to play with this weekend - a bit of football, a bit of follow-my-leader (with me as the leader, natch), lots of messing around in the playground. Tried to introduce some of them to my favourite game: cat and mouse. They seemed up for playing until I actually caught the mouse, at which point they lost interest. Some of them even ran away. Spoilsports.

Had a hectic night on Monday too - stayed out all night. So tired by Tuesday morning I couldn't be bothered to walk home, so I found a convenient house on Granby Avenue, sat outside the front door and meowed till they let me in. Then spent the morning sleeping on their sofa until my Person arrived with the car to take me home. Taking it easy now, chilling at home. Life is good.

Friday, 19 March 2010

All this blogging is making me sleepy...

(By the way I'm not as big as I look in this photo. The camera adds 5lbs, don't you know.)

How many People does it take to read a name tag?

Surely only one, I hear you say. Apparently not.

Yesterday morning I was out in the park after a fun night's exploring, waiting for someone to phone my People to come and collect me. A lady with a dog walked past so I meowed and began to follow them, as per usual. The lady looked like she was going to do the honours but said something about not wanting to get too close to me to read my name tag in case her dog attacked me (I would like to have seen it try - the phrase 'attack dog' didn't exactly spring to mind. I could have taken him in a fight, no question).

So we all stood around making pleasantries and waiting for another (dogless) Person to walk past. The next man to arrive declined to help because he was scared of cats (!) and then a lady walked past who wanted to help but didn't have her glasses so couldn't read my tag. I was wondering if now was the time to mention that we were in fact standing about 100 yards from my house and that it probably would have been easier for me to just walk home, but it seemed a shame to spoil their fun.

Finally someone came past in possession of perfect eyesight, and without either canine companion or cat phobia, who read my tag and told the dog lady my People's phone number. When the lady phoned I heard her say was worried about my odd behaviour and thought I might be lost and disorientated. I'm fairly certain I heard laughter coming from the phone at this point.

Anway, job done, my Person arrived to carry me home and I ate breakfast and slept for 7 hours straight, before heading over to the Gibraltar Castle. But that's another entry.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

here goes...

Am I the first cat in Harpenden with my own blog? I think I might be. Anyway, my People have got fed up with constantly being asked what I'm up to, so they've asked me to start blogging (the phrase 'anything to keep that bloody cat indoors' cropped up).

This week is registering about a 6 out of 10 on my 'fun' scale so far. On Monday night I found my way in to a house on Marquis Lane (well it had a catflap, so what did they expect?) and onto the bed of a lovely (sleeping) pair of People. I had to walk over them several times and jump onto their computer before they woke up, and then they seemed to freak out a little - something about their own cat not liking other cats (?!)

We then played a great game where they carried me downstairs and put me outside, and I came back in through the catflap and went upstairs again, and so this went on, to our mutual amusement, for some time. Then they got bored and decided to make the game more fun by barricading their catflap. However their barricade was somewhat flimsy and it only took me a few minutes to get through it. At this point the People put me in their car and drove me home, leaving me on my doorstep. I thought this was an interesting development in the rules of play, so of course ran straight back to their house and through their catflap to tell them how much I liked this new twist.

It would seem that 2.45am is the time at which most People stop wanting to have fun and suddenly decide that they really should be in bed, so at this point they phoned my People to ask them to come and get me. A shame, in my view - I could have carried on playing that game all night. Still, there's always tonight...