Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This is what Spring's all about

Sunday afternoons in the park - can't beat it. Found loads of little people to play with this weekend - a bit of football, a bit of follow-my-leader (with me as the leader, natch), lots of messing around in the playground. Tried to introduce some of them to my favourite game: cat and mouse. They seemed up for playing until I actually caught the mouse, at which point they lost interest. Some of them even ran away. Spoilsports.

Had a hectic night on Monday too - stayed out all night. So tired by Tuesday morning I couldn't be bothered to walk home, so I found a convenient house on Granby Avenue, sat outside the front door and meowed till they let me in. Then spent the morning sleeping on their sofa until my Person arrived with the car to take me home. Taking it easy now, chilling at home. Life is good.

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