Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cat Haiku

Knowing what a cultured bunch my readers are, I have decided to put my life to verse, using the ancient Japanese form of haiku....

Lady with buggy
Talking to me in playground.
Will follow you home.
Watching and waiting,
Tom-cat seems keen to impress.
What's that funny smell?
If you don't want me
To jump on your bed at night,
Why have a cat flap?
Not sure where I am.
Must meow till door opens.
Come on, let me in.
Street needs new road sign:
'Give way to oncoming cats'
Drivers need to learn.
Dogs are so stupid,
Barking at me, high in tree.
Can't reach me here, fools!
Heading home for night,
Hear laughter from the Marquis.
Time for a swift one.
You will be amazed
How long I can make myself,
Stretched out on your bed.
Next up, Nancy: The Sonnets.

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